Youtharia's Customer Testimonials

Translated from Spanish:

I am Isabel. I am Peruvian but I am a resident of Temuco, Chile. Two months ago, I began to take Youtharia and Joint Mender and 2 weeks after taking the capsules, the pain I used to have, so much pain in the leg that I could barely walk with cane…

I have Osteoarthritis of the right hip… after starting the treatment, the pain began to diminish after 2 weeks. And now, I am currently on second month of treatment and I no longer use the cane and I feel much more healthy. I am very grateful to these products from India Herbs! They are wonderful!

Isabel (age 70) - Chile

I first purchased Youtharia from India Herbs about a year ago before I went on an overseas trip and found the supplements to be very beneficial in helping me feel a general sense of wellbeing and after taking the supplements for about a month I really noticed an overall improvement in my wellbeing. I felt that I was sleeping better and had more energy and my mind and thinking was also clearer.

I work as a Registered Nurse in Australia and can really see the benefit of taking this supplement. I have since purchased Youtharia again and this time plan to take it long term as I feel the results will be even better when taken over a long period of time.

I am impressed that the supplements are grown naturally in India and are within keeping of the traditional Ayurvedic philosophy. I will continue to be a long term customer of India Herbs.

Yours Faithfully,

Gail Marie - Adelaide, South Australia