Youtharia's Powerful Ingredients

Youtharia's potent formulation works continuously to bolster core energy, growth hormone levels, liver function, and immune response which deteriorate with aging. Key ingredients include extracts of:

Amla - Supports healthy immune system function.

Ashwagandha - Supports healthy core energy.

Indian Kudzu - Rejuvenates the body, increases vitality, provides energy, and promotes native growth hormone levels.

Asparagus Adscendens - Supports healthy blood cell production.

Grape - Strengthens connective tissue, modulates anti-apoptotic genes, and supplies antioxidants to counter radicals.

Licorice - Strengthens muscles and bones, promotes healthy liver function and growth of healthy cells, and protect cells from premature and abnormal aging.

Aloe Vera - Supports healthy inflammation response, fosters nutrient absorption, and enhances immune system by reducing harmful bacteria in the urogenital tract.

Put these powerful extracts to work for you -- try Youtharia today!